Episode 54: Is This The Real Life? Is This Just ARG? Elizabeth and Flourish interview Sean Stewart, ARG (alternate reality
game) writer, Star Wars tie-in novelist, and Sherlock Holmes narrative
video game creator. Topics covered include definitions of a variety of
gaming terms, the collective intelligence of fans, and fannish
conspiracy theories and their messy intersections with conspiracy
theories around real-world events. (A note to listeners: we discuss
several of these, including 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, and Sandy
Hook.) (show notes coming soon | transcript coming soon)




Barre SotW #15 – Rebel Radio

WHO:  The Prodigy

WHEN:  Grand finale (back dancing or spinal extensor work at the end of class)

WHY:  It’s a little big and a little loud but who doesn’t love that at the end of class?  Plus it’s The Prodigy – amazing that they have a new album out – you know who else has a new album out?  The Chemical Brothers – that’s right, it’s like my 90’s electro-dreams are coming true – we could get a hat trick if Underworld releases something new soon too!  Rock it out to the song and remember that you ARE the Firestarter.




‘The Satellites’ from the album ‘Someday World’ by Eno • Hyde
Download ‘The Satellites’ instantly with pre-order on Bleep, iTunes, Underworld Live, and Enoshop:

Brian Eno – Foundation, Lyric, Voice, Bass, Synthesis, Program Drums
Karl Hyde – Lyric, Guitars, Backing Voice
Fred Gibson – Piano, Drums, Bass, Backing Voice
John Reynolds – Drums
Georgia Gibson – Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxes
Andy Mackay – Alto Sax
Darla Eno – Ooh

Produced by Brian Eno with Fred Gibson

Silly me, I accidentally reblogged the link without the song. Here it is. It’s awesome.




Midnight in the garden of my love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to the cult of Ghost Tyger. We are continually enraptured that you have joined us here. 

To celebrate the day, here is a song about love, and other things, from the Tyger himself.