One recurring gag that’s fast become a hallmark is the titular luvvie’s voiceover sessions with Scramble Studios duo Danny Bear (Tim Downie) and Clem Fandango (Shazad Latif). The latter, a work experience boy who dishes out orders to the veteran thesp, has proven to be a potent comedy hand grenade. Clem’s input inevitably results in Steven exclaiming, “Yes I can hear you, Clem Fandango!” in various states of despair.

The eccentrically-monikered Fandango (the show also features characters called Ray Purchase and Ed Howzer-Black) is played by former Spooks star Shazad Latif, nailing the kind of hipster persona recognisable to anyone who’s set foot in London’s trendier districts.

“Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango” – Shazad Latif on Toast of London

I mean, just say it aloud to yourself. Clem Fandango. CLEMMMM FAAAANDAAANGOOOO. It’s intoxicating.