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That time when (perhaps) “Welcome To Sanditon” led to the Emmys making a rules clarification 🙂


Some authors try to recreate Austen’s prose, which usually falls flat if you’re looking for Austen. But I don’t think you should look for Austen. The continuations make the case for adaptation and imitation as a different mode of writing,” says Kathleen James-Cavan, an Austen expert based at the University of Saskatchewan.

James-Cavan recently delivered a paper at a Sanditon conference hosted by Cambridge University. Her topic was Welcome to Sanditon – a vlog spin-off of the Emmy-winning web series The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, in which Georgiana Darcy replaces Charlotte and is tasked with beta-testing a new social media app on the residents of Sanditon. Though the vlog lasted just three short months in 2013, it got very meta. “I thought it was rather lovely the way art meets life there. What interested me is the satire of entrepreneurship, in the original and 200 years later,” says James-Cavan. What would Austen herself have made of it? “I think she would have had a hoot and then asked for royalties, rightly so.”


Ah, memories…


Are you ready to return to Sanditon? The further adventures of Gigi Darcy, Sidney Parker, Beau Griffiths, the Sanditon Mafia and friends old and new – the only thing it’s waiting for it you.

Sanditon, CA is a Storium Game World written by “Welcome to Sanditon” co-creators Margaret Dunlap and Jay Bushman. 

Storium is an online storytelling game. By combining the freedom of writing with the fun of gameplay, Storium lets you and your friends create and tell any story you can imagine, together.


It’s interesting to me that Revenge of the Nerds, while still full up of the nostalgia that the 80s lends us, is lately being repositioned in the zeitgeist. What was viewed for many years as a bit of harmless fun that waved the banner for nerds everywhere is finally being called out for exactly what it is; an Us vs Them revenge fest that never lets go of racism or misogyny, and damages the image of geek culture more than it applauds for it. That shouldn’t be surprising—RotN was always just a frat house comedy with a thin nerdy gloss applied to it. And that’s fine with me, because that was never my go-to movie for feeling the geeky solidarity.

No, my friends. That movie was Real Genius.

Real Genius is Still the Geek Solidarity Film That Nerd Culture Deserves | Tor.com

I tried to make Pacific Tech the grad school that Gigi was applying to in Welcome To Sanditon.  It didn’t make it in.



Hey Coloradans and fellow residents of Sanditon! If you’re in Denver, swing by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to watch Lenne Klingaman in her new play Appoggiatura. 

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