After I graduated from film school and moved home to New York in the late 90s,  I spent several years working temp gigs, mostly on Wall Street. I don’t know if they still do this, but back then, every investment bank had a rotating crew of temps that staffed their document processing centers 24/7. I landed in the belly of the beast, and for almost two years I worked at Goldman Sachs. 

On every floor of the building, there was one room devoted to the temping crew. And while the rest of the floor was filled with industrious little wannabe bankers working 20 hour days and killing themselves to get ahead, this room was filled with artists, actors, dancers, writers, musician and other assorted misfits. It was like being a jolly pirate crew. 

I met so many talented, funny, friendly folks in my time at Goldman Sachs. I’m sorry to say I’ve lost touch with most of them, but every so often I see a member of the pirate crew somewhere. The unbelievably funny John T. Reynolds wrote for Craig Ferguson for years, and once I ran into him at CBS TV City. George Sheffey played a key part in the first play I ever wrote. Every so often I see him in something on TV and it makes me very happy. 

Another member of the crew was a young playwright writing angry, polemic monologue plays, often performing them himself.  These super-left-wing, anti-capitalistic stories being crafted in the heart of Wall Street.

And tonight, J.T. Rogers won the Tony for Best Play for Oslo.

Shiver me timbers and congrats, matey!