Below the cut, to avoid spoilers for the Tuesday NY Times Crossword puzzle. 

Tuesday’s puzzle, from pro constructor Elizabeth C. Gorski, snuck not one but TWO different Gilmore Girls references into the puzzle.

20-Across: “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” blonde = LORELEI. Okay so it’s not spelled the same way as Lorelai Gilmore. So we didn’t think anything of it.

Then we hit 55-Down: In ___ paratus (ready for anything) = Omnia. aka the slogan of the Life And Death Brigade.  

Two in one puzzle? That CANNOT be a coincidence. 

A quick google reveals that ECG is a serial Gilmore Girls referencer:

Nov 29, 2007 – Setting for many episodes of TV’s “Gilmore Girls”: YALE

Jan 27, 2013 – Bledel of “Gilmore Girls” : ALEXIS.

June 15, 2014 – Bledel of “Gilmore Girls”: ALEXIS. (Again!)

And then there’s this article about how Will Shortz edits the puzzle, in which ECG tries to sneak Lorelei in again, but Will does not believe people should be expected to know that. ARE YOU SERIOUS WILL?!?! I just can’t even. No soap. 

So the only thing that will fix it will be to allow ECG to make an all-Stars-Hollow puzzle. Get on that, please.