With apologies to Alexander Hamilton and his hatchet men in the pamphlet wars, part of this seems quite appropriate today:

At length this Cataline stands confessed in all his villainy—His inveterate hatred of the Constitution of the United States has long been displayed in one steady undeviating course of hostility to every measure which the solid interests of the Union demand—His political perfidiousness and intrigues are also pretty generally known, and even his own party have avowed their jealousy and fear of a character, which, to great talents adds the deepest dissimulation and an entire devotion to self-interest, and self-aggrandizement—But there is a NEW TRAIT in this man’s character, to be unfolded to the view of an indignant public!—His abandoned profligacy, and the numerous unhappy wretches, who have fallen victims to this accomplished and but too successful debauchee, have indeed been long known to those whom familiar habits of vice, or the amiable offices of humanity have led to the wretched haunts of female prostitution—But it is time to draw aside the curtain in which he has thus far been permitted to conceal himself by the forbearance of his enemies, by the anxious interference of his friends, and much more by his own crafty contrivances and unbounded prodigality.