The technology is never the culprit in our stories. The technology is just allowing people to do terrible things to themselves or others. And it’s not always that way; sometimes we present a hopeful version of it. I don’t think this show is saying technology is bad. I don’t think technology is bad. It’s not a swinging statement; it’s campfire tales. What the show points out is the possibility of an unforeseen consequence of technology. So if you take social media, for instance, that’s an amazing invention. It’s a huge, huge deal, and you’d have to be crazy to think we should just shut it down and get rid of it because it’s a huge advance in communication. However, at the moment, what we’re grappling with there is how can you be authentic on it? The system rewards you for playing it like a video game, essentially; the more entertaining you are, the more you are rewarded with retweets and likes. It leads you to become slightly less authentic. And then there’s also things like anger and polarization and rage and Twitter shaming; that’s another aspect. That doesn’t mean we should get rid of social media anymore than we should get rid of the printing press because somebody used it to print a racist pamphlet. Let’s not blame the invention; let’s look at how we’re using it.



Black Mirror is too real.

I really, really want a show centering on DCI Kelly McDonald, Skeptical Detective.