have you ever had a “monreal-style” bagel? i’d never heard of them until i moved to vermont but now i live right across the street from a montreal-style bagel place and i can’t get enough of them.





Okay so this is going to sound very Jewish but. A member of my very extended family (my mishpokhe, if we’re going all in on this) runs a bagel place and their closest rivals brand their bagels as “Montreal style” and we were raised to like the New York style and dislike the Montreal style. So I do like the texture of the New York style much better (especially at my relative’s bakery where they’re boiled in whey rather than water) but I am super biased here.

I now want a musical about your cousin who falls in love with the Montreal bagel family’s heir. 

Either that or an elaborate heist film involving bagels. I’m still working on the concept. 

Does the heist include a truck full of lox?

It does now. 

If a crucial part of the heist involves “The Whitefish King of East Flatbush,” then count me in.

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