Without the pressure of worrying about “Get Out” getting made, Peele treated the script outlining and writing like a hobby – something he did for enjoyment rather than watch TV at night. Peele said that one the lesson he learned from his comedy writing background – and was a big portion of the success of his hit Comedy Central show “Key and Peele” – was that when you are having fun writing it leads to good writing.

“That’s my advice with dealing with writers block, follow the fun,” said Peele. “If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it wrong.”



types of discovery fans

1. voq cosnspiracy theorists

2. Everything Is Femslash

3. lorca fuckers

4. here’s how georgiou isn’t dead conspiracy theorists

5. just here for culber and stamets

6. ash tyler defense squad

7. here for the klingon plot

8. michael has never done anything wrong in her life, ever

9. just using the new canon as fuel to flesh out spock’s backstory

10. fixation on lorca’s tribble

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7, all the way


Dana Bushman

Dana Bushman

Late thoughts about Columbus Day

At this point in my life, I pretty much assume that anything I learned in high school history class is probably not true.  

What I remember being taught about Columbus Day was that it wasn’t really a thing until the War of 1812, when the Madison administration wanted to de-emphasize America’s English-ness, and so developed propaganda promoting an Italian ancestor even though chuckles never even set foot on the mainland. 

But I guess “history” is merely the marketing campaign for headcanons that our forebears accepted. 

Blade Runner pet peeve

Getting ready to go see Blade Runner 2049 later today. Did a re-watch of the original a few days ago (The Final Cut) and it reminded me of one little thing that has always bothered me.

In the beginning, Deckard is waiting for a seat at the sushi bar. One opens up and he takes it. The sushi chef asks him what he wants. Deckard asks for four pieces. And the sushi chef tells him no, two pieces is plenty.


Deckard is morally complicated, compromised and culpable. But whether or nor he’s human or a replicant, doesn’t mean there’s a good reason to sushi-shame him. 

Transmedia Survey

I’m giving a talk next month at ICIDS about transmedia storytelling, including some of the reasons why its been difficult to form consensus around what the term means. And I thought it would be fun to assemble some specific reactions to the term. 

So if you have a few moments, please fill out this (short) survey all about the T-word.