As some of you may or may not know I work in a Jewish hospital that provides rehabilitation and palliative care, and we were provided w this booklet regarding care for holocaust survivors and family members

I thought I might share it since it may be of use to other ppl who care for older Jewish people

Tbh some of this, in particular the first few bullet points, looks broadly useful for talking about trauma and generational trauma even outside the specific context of the Holocaust, and this deserves to be shared around! Thanks for putting it here.

text transcript:

Ten Thoughtful Commandments of Caring for Holocaust Survivors

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This is a really useful set of points for not only what it’s explicitly created for (which is in and of itself very important), but yes, also for a *lot* of major trauma, intergenerational trauma and its effects, and also useful to read through and just think about how these things apply to trauma and intergenerational trauma generally (which I promise is actually all around you, wherever you are, and affecting things in ways that one doesn’t notice, really, until one does.) Thank you in particular @kaaramel for the transcript.

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