Why wouldn’t these women be ambitious? But TV shows rarely feature multiple women with big dreams without setting them against each other. On “The Bold Type,” however, a women’s desire to advance in her career is not treated as something that is vaguely shameful, nor are there any dumb, lazy plots about catfights, betrayals or backstabbing.

“I didn’t have bosses that were the Miranda Priestlys” of “The Devil Wears Prada,” executive producer and showrunner Sarah Watson told Variety. “I had bosses that were the Jacqueline Carlisles, and I had mentors like that. It was just so exciting to get to show that character on television. Also, I feel like there’s been this convention that’s been on TV for so long, where when you have female friendships on TV, the place you’re going to look for drama is them turning on each other, and that’s not my experience at all. I have friends who always have my back, they always proofread my email for me or say ‘Yes, send that to your boss’ or don’t. Those are the female friendships I have, and that’s what I wanted to show on TV.”

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