We try to look for the little stories between the cracks of the big ones people think they know. The truth of the tech industry is it’s a lot more of a group effort than people think. The people who come up with the big ideas aren’t always the ones who get to market first or are rewarded for them. We wanted to tell the stories of people who are thinking the right things at the wrong time, or the ones who got there but were missing one critical piece, or the people who outright stole something and took that across the goal line. And I think that is the story of creating things. To have the right idea is not enough. There’s an execution, there’s filling a personal need that all of these people have to keep buying back into the table — that unfortunately as writers and artists, we can relate to. Happy people don’t feel compelled to keep buying back in and keep trying again in that kind of way. So this is the story of people who have these needs within themselves to be part of this future and to create things. And we love to tell it, because we think those people are heroes in their own way.

How Halt and Catch Fire went from imitation quality drama to the real thing

This is a great, great show, and I can’t wait for more people to discover it over the next few years. 

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