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The Super Bowl halftime show is sort of like the Academy Awards – you tune in to see what train-wreck is going to happen this time. It’s a monumentally unfair performance environment for any musician – a gigantic stadium, a million TV cameras, making something work for the people in attendance and the people at home simultaneously. It’s an impossible task. 

Except when Prince did it in 2007.

I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. Prince, through his sheer talent and presence, held the entire cavernous stadium in the palm of his hand. It was extraordinary. 

Here’s the full show. 

8 Insane Stats about Bartolo and the Mets Pitching Staff


1. Bartolo Colon was signed as an amateur free agent on June 26, 1993.
     Noah Syndergaard was 10 months old.
     Steven Matz was 2 years old.
     Zack Wheeler was 3 years old.
     Matt Harvey was 4 years old.
     Jacob deGrom was 5 years old.


2. When the 2016 season started Bartolo Colon had 218 career wins. The
rest of the rotation combined had 61.

3. At the end of last season, Bartolo Colon had 2,237 career
strikeouts. The rest of the rotation combined for 998.


4. Bartolo Colon has pitched 18 seasons in the major leagues. The rest of
the rotation combines for just seven.

5. Jacob deGrom in two professional seasons has 21 hits, Bartolo Colon in
18 seasons has 20.


6. Noah Syndergaard entered the 2016 season with 166 career strikeouts.
Bartolo Colon reached that number while Syndergaard was just five years old.


7. The rest of the rotation had a total of 61 wins combined when we started the season. Bartolo Colon reached
that mark on July 27, 2001. Noah Syndergaard was eight years old. Steven Matz
was 10 years old. Matt Harvey was 12 years old. Jacob deGrom was 13 years old.

8. Bartolo Colon threw a complete game on Steven Matz’ seventh birthday,
firing fourteen strikeouts in a 7-3 win over the Blue Jays.



Look at these nerds



“Wow, your own cookies?”

“Snickerdoodles. And they just appear in my locker, just like that. Open my locker, bam. Homemade cookies. And that’s not all.”

“A peeled grape?”

‘Go Wallace. We love you. You rock.’




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That guy in the Rogue One trailer, with the white Imperial uniform? There’s only ever been one rank in the entire Imperial Navy which wears a white uniform: Grand Fucking Admiral.

For those unfamiliar with the old EU, in the entirety of the Galactic Empire, which at its peak ruled over literally trillions of sentients, there were never more than twelve Grand Admirals at any given time. These guys outranked Grand Moff Tarkin, the old dude who kept Vader in check in Episode IV. There were only like four people in the galaxy more powerful than them, and one of those was the Emperor.

But what made these guys so important wasn’t just their rank. It was that they were all hand-picked by Palpatine for their sheer genius. Their tactical brilliance was literally the stuff of legends. Five years after the second Death Star was destroyed, just the rumour that a Grand Admiral might have survived the fall of the Empire was enough to cause all sorts of strife in the New Republic.

When that rumour turned out to be true, Grand Admiral Thrawn single-handedly brought the New Republic government to its knees, holding the entire planet of Coruscant hostage to terror for months with a brilliant tactical ploy.

Like. If this film does this character anywhere near the justice the Grand Admiral rank deserves, he is going to be one hell of a fucking villain.

New canon…who dis?