You could do a Les Mis–type musical about Hamilton, but it would have to be 12 hours long, because the amount of words on the bars when you’re writing a typical song — that’s maybe got 10 words per line. Whereas here we can cram all this shit in all the margins … It’s like Mad Magazine, where Sergio Aragonés is drawing cartoons in between the cartoons. There’s a lot of that in the show. I could just fill it with everything I think I know and the story allows that because it’s such a rich story.

It’s here.


So.  It’s here. It’s finally time.  I’ve been terribly impatient.  I wanted this book out in the world before it was ever even written.  I wanted it to exist the minute the videos ended because I needed to know what happened next.  What happened to Lydia, who had become so much more of a person than a character.  

I don’t know if rachelkiley remembers this, but we were in the middle of the super-high craziness of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, when the 200th anniversary of P&P conflated with Lizzie getting to Pemberley/the sex tape and the whole thing seemed to explode.  At that time, we were already writing the final episodes.  I whispered to Rachel that Lydia’s story should be a book.  This was before anyone had even said a word about The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet, let alone another book after that.  I just knew that Lydia had more to say after the end, and I wanted to hear it.

It was just an idea at the time.  And it took a long time to make it more than that. (Unfortunately, there is no such thing as instant gratification in the book world. Also, babies/jobs/stuff.)   We’ve been posting chapters on Wattpad but now the whole thing is finally here.   (I’m even doing a giveaway on my facebook page today, so you could potentially read the whole thing for free.)

And I hope you read it.  Enjoy it.  Or not, you don’t have to enjoy it.   Ask us questions.  Post reviews on amazon or goodreads.  We also enjoy a nice gifset. 

Regardless, I’m just happy that Lydia finally gets her own say.


Oh, holy crap, This Is England 90! What are you trying to do to me?



Congratulations to the Mets for winning the NL East – September 26, 2015

The 9 year drought is over!



Pain or damage don’t end the world. Or despair, or fucking beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man– and give some back.

deadwood – 2×07





It’s been TWENTY YEARS since Hackers came out, y’all. Craziness! Look at them. They’re so young!

And if you haven’t seen this movie because you weren’t conscious or nerdy-cool or alive in 1995, go directly to your nearest streaming or video download service and fix the glaring hole in your cult film repertoire.

My favorite part about Hackers is how literally every single character in that movie is trans. Everyone.

I love Hackers so much it burns my soul

20 years in the butterzone, baby.


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Bookmarking for later use.

True story: During Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I was considering using a fitness tracker to publish Wickham’s workout routine. But it turned out to be too much work that we couldn’t automate.

But this could be a nice solution for certain type of character on a certain type of show…