scripts? bibles? pitches? yeah – we got that.


I believe very strongly that it is difficult enough to make television and films without having access to formats and examples of work that may be helpful in organizing your own work and polishing your craft. This sort of knowledge should not be exclusive. I also believe that the tools to succeed should be provided free of charge so that the art of television writing can flourish, and so that professionals, amateurs and interested fans can approach either their vocation, or entertainment, with a better understanding of the artistic  process.

My webpage ( includes a DOWNLOADS SECTION with samples of my pitching and development documents, pilot and episodic scripts, and other writing. While my own career is a work in progress, and nothing there is in any way definitive, or even “good” and “correct” for that matter, I hope that by reading the documents – some for successful sales, others for failed experiments and unsold projects – those looking for guidance will find a useful example.

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