The new version of Alex Haley’s American family origin story based around the life of Kunta Kinte is described as an original, contemporary production, incorporating more material from Haley’s novel, ROOTS: The Saga of an American Family, as well as carefully researched new scholarship of the time.

‘Roots’ Remake Set As Event Series On History, A&E & Lifetime; Will Packer & Original Star LeVar Burton To Produce | Deadline

If you’ve never seen the original “Roots” I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a staggering achievement and it still retains its power – even with the 70s TV conventions of the time, the addition of extra storylines full of extraneous white people (I like Marc “Beastmaster” Singer as much as the next guy, but that entire storyline is a waste of space), and the gratuitous OJ Simpson cameo.  

Here’s hoping the new version doubles down on the good stuff and resists the urge to add the irrelevant. 


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