With comic books continuing to reach an ever-growing audience, a new publisher aims to bring more creator-owned series to readers directly. Founded by Saori Adams and Sean E. Williams, Comicker LLC is launching today with its Comicker Digital label on its website, ComickerDigital.com.
“Currently, Comicker Digital is releasing series as ad-supported webcomics, collected as issues on comiXology and DriveThruComics, and through our subscription mobile app which is being developed and powered by The Horizon Factory,” Adams said. “We realized that not all readers want their comics the same way, so we’re giving them as many options as possible. One size doesn’t fit all anymore.”

Comicker Digital Launches | Comicker Digital

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Comicker. Expect more updates in the near future.

(via thehorizonfactory)

Last month, we launched the first app authored with The Horizon Factory’s platform – Shelf Life: The Complete Package

This is one of the next things on our plate: an exciting partnership with Comicker.  

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