I have been in deep perplexity these last few years, and troubles that concern only one’s habits of mind are such personal things that they are hard to talk about. You see I was not made to have to do with affairs—what Mr. McClure calls “men and measures.” If I get on at that kind of work it is by going at it with the sort of energy most people have to exert only on rare occasions. Consequently I live just about as much during the day as a trapeze performer does when he is on the bars—it’s catch the right bar at the right minute, or into the net you go. I feel all the time so dispossessed and bereft of myself. My mind is off doing trapeze work all day long and only comes back to me when it is dog tired and wants to creep into my body and sleep. I really do stand and look at it sometimes and threaten not to take it in at all—I get to hating it so for not being any more good to me. Then reading so much poorly written matter as I have to read has a kind of deadening effect on me somehow. I know that many great and wise people have been able to do that, but I am neither large enough nor wise enough to do it without getting a kind of dread of everything that is made out of words. I feel diluted and weakened by it all the time—relaxed, as if I had lived in a tepid bath until I shrink from either heat or cold.

Willa Cather, in a 1908 letter to Sarah Orne Jewett

Trapeze work!  I think i’ll add this to my lexicon.

Thanks for this, nonmodernist!

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Hell. Fuck. Yes.



so many movies would be improved by having more swearing in them.


Jon Chait is an asshole. He’s wrong. I don’t want these kids to be more like Jon Chait. I sure as hell don’t want them to be less left-wing. I want them to be more left-wing. I want a left that can win, and there’s no way I can have that when the actually-existing left sheds potential allies at an impossible rate. But the prohibition against ever telling anyone to be friendlier and more forgiving is so powerful and calcified it’s a permanent feature of today’s progressivism. And I’m left as this sad old 33 year old teacher who no longer has the slightest fucking idea what to say to the many brilliant, passionate young people whose only crime is not already being perfect.

I don’t know what to do, you guys | Fredrik deBoer

Empathy is a powerful political tool.


What’s happening online is you can do, effectively, a whole series for the cost of craft services for a show in the old model. You can have the pilot, then change and tweak it. So you have more freedom to develop the show, or star, into something that is more entertaining — and that the audience wants to watch.

Shane Smith: TV and Film Production Costs Don’t Make Sense in the Digital Era | Variety

Sure…as long as you don’t pay anybody who works on it enough money to, y’know, actually live.