Casey Wilson gave us her time and her writing abilities because a lot of what the character of Noelle has to do exists in these silent flashbacks where we see this relationship that’s cultivated between Amy and Noelle. A lot of times we’d just bring Casey in and we’d say, ‘Ok you guys are having chardonnay fueled girl time in the afternoon and you’re discussing Amy’s sex life,’ and we’d roll and they would just go on these four and five minute terrors where they would talk and talk and talk. It was incredibly sort of Oprah-like; it was extremely heartfelt. Casey Wilson is one of the funniest people that you could ever watch, I mean, we would be in stitches. We’d have the sound completely turned down. I didn’t even know what was being said in the next room because I was just looking at her face and the stuff that they would get into and how it would make Rosamund cry, and how Casey would react to that, and when she would reach to get her a tissue or reach to refill her wine glass. It’s a kind of supreme physical comedy that is a rare thing. – David Fincher

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