I like the way the soundscape blurred the line between score and sound effects. We’ve been doing that on these Fincher films, working with Ren Klyce, who does all the sound design and mixing: “Hey, what if this piece morphed into that floor cleaner that you have outside? Tune us to fit that.” Just trying to make what we’re doing truly become in service to the picture and disappear. David is always saying, “I don’t want to notice the music come in.”



Every morning

Never forget.









Cleavon Little did not know Gene was going to say that. The laughter is genuine.

I love that you can see the exact moment when Cleavon Little realizes he’s not going to be able to stop himself from laughing.

Cleavon had a killer Blank Stare going on, too.

He is so cute agh.  I loved this movie.

I know a lot of Blazing Saddles doesn’t really hold up to modern standards. But for it’s time, it was dangerous.

Also, Gene Wilder was the best



Reasons why I love Ichabod

Shout out to Baron von Steuben.


I’m teaching at NYU now, and when I ask my students what they want to do, they all want to make feature films,“ said Aronofsky. "But does that really make sense? We’re in a golden age of television and self-distribution. The 90-minute feature film remains interesting as an event, but seeing the Netflix formula and short web content thrive…. If I was a young storyteller now, I don’t know if I would focus on the dream of a 90-minute film. Storytelling is changing. There’s an opportunity to do a lot of different things. I’m not sure that the most eyes are going to come out of a theatrical release for a dramatic 90-minute feature


Whether or not you care about the second season of True Detective, you should care about all of the seasons of Friday Night Lights (or most of them, the second season goes a little off the rails). It’s not a show you casually throw on when you’re hungover or bored or want background noise. It’s a show you watch compulsively, with a loved one there for emotional support.