I never liked that term, “transmedia,” because it’s been used to describe a marketing ploy that involves placing teasers and ads for shows (and other products) all over the web, on phones, and on twitter – material that is developed as ancillary and not intrinsic to the show itself. Being annoyed by multi-media marketing is certainly not new. Then I interviewed Emmy-winner Jay Bushman who was working on re-framing television drama while keeping all the classic story telling elements and letting them stretch out into a contemporary space. First, let’s back up to meeting him because it reveals something about who is out there on the edge. A current student in one of my writing classes, who is 22, mentioned that she had a part time job as a transmedia editor. I asked for an introduction to the guy she was working for. So he and I arranged to meet at a local café. There I was scanning the room for what I assumed would be, essentially, a male version of my very young student. Or maybe he’d be someone with tattoos and piercings and a shaved head, or dreadlocks. I waited and waited. Did he ditch the interview? Finally I realized that only one other person was here alone: a man with graying hair. That was Jay Bushman. So much for stereotypes.

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Check me out with my greying hair and my defiance of stereotypes. 🙂

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