Fencing, Scottish style

I laugh every time I see this.


Behind a White Mask: Felix Barrett’s Twitter Q&A

Behind a White Mask: Felix Barrett’s Twitter Q&A


It might be that one of the first examples of transmedia storytelling occurred in 1740 when Samuel Richardson, the “father of the English novel,” published England’s first bestseller, Pamela. Like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the Pamela sensation was the result of a small investment made by an unknown author and the frenzy of its fan base.

At what point during production was it decided that Bing would drop out of Med school?


Hmmm, I actually don’t know the exact answer to this one. That was a decision made by the writers room, and I wasn’t at those meetings since I wasn’t in L.A. But I do know that it was decided long, long before it was mentioned in the videos—I think I remember Bing tweeting something in late December or early January that had to do with it, although no one could know that at the time. I am the worst secret keeper ever, so I was really proud of myself for keeping that one as long as I did!

I went through my old email: it appears we came up with the idea on January 2nd, when Margaret, Kate and I were in a coffeeshop, supposed to be writing our own things but instead talking about the show.



He is no driver, he is the undertaker. 

Eastern Promises (2007)



“I’m sorry, Sandy, there was a bit of noise there. Could you repeat the question?”

“Have I displeased you, you feckless thug?"