That means there are two basic ways that the Silo fanfic community differs from more traditional online fanfic communities. First of all, this community has come into being at a time when their fanfic can be (legally) written for money. Unlike Harry Potter fanfic writers, the Silo fans have pretty much always had the option to sell their work. And second, Silo fans are have access to exactly the same publishing tools and platform as the books that they are writing fic about. Unlike JK Rowling, who had the weight of the traditional publishing industry behind her books when she published them, Hugh Howey came into publishing through the world of Amazon self-publishing. Like his fans, he used Amazon to make money and used the internet to get the word out about his books.

Hey Ashley, I read that you took studied Shakespeare and Classical theatre for your masters. That’s awesome! I’m curious about something. How do you personally approach Shakespeare’s plays? :D



I approach slowly, so as not to frighten them. It helps if you sneak up behind them so you can get close.

You got this Clements! That rascally Willy Shakespeare won’t see you coming!

I like to hit the plays, very hard, once. Right on the title page. It stuns them long enough for you to put them in a sack.



Godzilla; the original mouth breathing nerdrager.




The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Flowchart with a few changes

Dying over the “glitching” arrow.

And how Sidney “Dominos” Gigi.



Monty Python’s philosopher jokes are the actual best.