Gender roles gain their power from the fact that they appear natural and eternal. By looking to the past, we can draw aside this veil and see these categories for what they are—made by people, and able to be changed by people.

Alyssa Goldstein at AlterNet.  When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men

And how the stereotype flipped.

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The single best thing about doing an anthropology degree was the lens it gave me on my own culture: an understanding of what is a human universal, and what is not. Not much is a human universal, and least of all attitudes to gender and sexuality.

This is an excellent article, and I wish everyone knew this history. It is… freeing. To be sure it doesn’t free you from the bonds of culture and upbringing – there is no position wholly outside, there is no perfect individualist agency. But recognising there are other ways to be – that is freeing.

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