But it’s (Emory) Cohen who truly astounds. That we are looking at the same young actor who played Debra Messing’s dopey, whiny son on Smash is astonishing. Cohen has the wannabe gangsta cadence and accent of a middle class Northeastern white kid down so perfectly it gave me chills, evoking memories of boys I knew in high school who were just that way. It’s a stunning performance, capturing all the layers of swagger and insolence lying atop insecurity and anger that is so many a teenage boy’s makeup.

‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ Is a Stunner – Richard Lawson – The Atlantic Wire

I don’t watch Smash, so I have no point of reference for how much people hate his character on that show…

…but his performance in this movie is stunning, and reminded me of Tom Hardy’s in Warrior.

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