In Which I Have No Life: For years, one of my dearest friends teased me for my love of what she…

In Which I Have No Life: For years, one of my dearest friends teased me for my love of what she…

Hello! I wanted to ask why does Gigi tweet so much more than the rest of the LBD characters (especially all the songs on Thisismyjam)?

I love This Is My Jam, and have been really fascinated with the possibilities of conveying character through song choices.  

Or maybe it’s because I miss mixtapes.  

I wrote a note to the platform developers a little while ago, telling them about how we’ve been using it and offering to buy them a round of drinks the next time they’re in LA. I hope they take me up on it.

Was there any particular reason behind not making Fitz Darcy’s first cousin in the LBD universe like his novel-counter part was? It’s not like being cousins would make their friendship any more or less strong or that he could be objective about Darcy (plenty of cousins don’t like each other at all).

Fitz being Darcy’s cousin and blood relation was less important to the story than his being 1) trusted by Darcy, 2) fast friends with Lizzie but 3) not a potential romantic partner.  

Making Fitz a cousin didn’t really gain us anything.  It’s a good example of a place where we didn’t do something just because it’s the way it was in the original book.

Maybe I’m not as down on Caroline as I should be since she does a lot of bad things in general and specifically to a character I like, Jane, but Lizzie seems a bit cruel when she toys with Caroline’s feeling for Darcy (which could be as sincere if not more then Jane’s for Bing) during the Hunsford arch.

You should be as up or down on any character as you want to be at any given moment. There is a very significant #TeamCaroline out there.  I think they’re swapping coffee tips.

Do you think that a transmedia-style web series could work for a non-fiction story? Specifically, I want to use various social media to incorporate the audience into the story–they would directly affect the content of the story. While a lot of interactions can obviously be handled on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, I want to have it affect the content of the videos. Do you think an audience would be impatient at the time gap between their contributions and the final episode product?

Lots of people are using transmedia for documentary and nonfiction.  Web series, apps and other styles of non-fiction storytelling are pushing the boundaries just as much as fiction is.

Check out:

Transmedia For Good

“When The Lights Went Out” documentary

Tribeca Film Institute

Having the audience directly affect the content of the videos is a dicier proposition – strictly from a production standpoint, videos take much longer to turn around than social media text.

But even more than that, if you’re the storyteller – even in non-fiction – its your vision, your taste, your sensibilities that filter the everything, that separates story from not-the-story.  Turning that over to the audience dilutes the point-of-view of your story.


Please join Transmedia LA as we welcome the team of the award winning webseries, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries to join us for our next Monthly Meetup.

Our featured speakers will be:
Bernie Su: Co-creator, Showrunner and Head Writer
Jay Bushman: Transmedia Producer and Writer
Margaret Dunlap: Co-Executive Producer and Writer

AGENDA: Networking from 7-8pm Program begins at 8pm
ADDRESS: Busby’s East
5364 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

MONTHLY MEETUP – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – Transmedia Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) – Meetup

As some of you know, about three years ago I helped to start Transmedia Los Angeles. So now I’m totally thrilled to be talking LBD transmedia on my home turf.

Should be a lot of fun – come join us if you can!