I now present you with the crown of troll queen.

Careful, your subtext is showing.



you guys why is it so easy to repulse him he’s just an awkward raptor passionately in love



“My expectations for Gigi are higher than they were for Darcy! (but I trust thelbd to deliver)”

No pressure. 🙂


The problem is that so little about Hooper’s Les Misérables feels integrated. The cast feels like a grab bag of talented stage vets and garish stunt-casting choices, particularly Baron Cohen and Bonham Carter, who perform the fan-favorite comic number “Master Of The House” as a jerky, staccato series of show-off moves and attempted but inadequate scene-stealing….They both resemble Eddie Izzard in Across The Universe, flailing without respect for the music or comedic timing. Meanwhile, Jackman is performing in a drama, Crowe on his concert stage, and Hathaway alone in her room. It’s a collection of performances rather than a story.
All of which raises the question of whether Hooper’s live-singing method went too far in letting the actors make their own choices at the film’s expense, or whether Hooper was focusing so much on making each number into a definitive experience that he lost track of the big picture.




“I love how LBD makes even the forgotten ones lovable and amazing (i.e. Mary, Fitz, COLLINS! Charlotte…)”

Me too.

There are no minor characters, only major ones that wander into someone else’s story.



Merry Christmas

Jane and Charlotte are back in town for Christmas!

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…and don’t forget to chime in with your holiday traditions. Having been raised in the Northeastern American secular jewish culture, I celebrate with the traditional Chinese-food-and-a-movie. The past several years have seen that observance augmented with copious amounts of British TV.

If I’m feeling particularly festive, I might indulge in a screening of Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas..



Joe Strummer Day ended beautifully for me.

Thank you all for your memories/words/inspirations of Joe. Today was much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

I realized, just like when you blow out a candle, the remnants will remain, and the smoke may disburse, but the parts of it will always exist…as will Joe, in some form or another, however you choose to believe in that.

Make EVERY day Joe Strummer Day. LOVE to you all. *hugs*