‘98, kids. When a journalist could ask “Does the internet play a part in your life?” and receive the answer “My office has one.” My office has an internet. And, yes, I really had first gone online the week before. BTW if you haven’t seen “Henry Fool” it really holds up despite its hilariously dated late ’90s view of the internet as this weird new thing. Full press conference transcript here.

I should also note that my old friend Thomas Jay Ryan does not have a Facebook or a Twitter account. He’s stuck to his guns.

Update: Timfastic responds to this post by suggesting that Henry Fool’s take on the internet is not so much “hilariously dated” as prescient: “I’ve always wondered about this, actually. Henry Fool is a rather early film to address the internet on a variety of levels. Where most early internet films were hacker-centered or morality-panic techno-horrors, Fool addresses the possibilities of viral content, creativity, community, and blah blah i’m drunk and going to watch soccer now.” These are excellent points although I’d argue whether Timfastic is really drunk.

You all should watch Henry Fool if you haven’t seen it. One of my favorite films of all time, and one of the few movies to really nail an ambiguous ending that it still completely satisfying. And James is fantastic in it.

I like to watch it as a double feature with Hartley’s Book of Life, with much of the same cast, plus Martin Donovan as Jesus, PJ Harvey as Mary Magdalene, a holy mac laptop, and a confrontation with the devil that was shot in the bar down the street from where I was working at the time.

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