calling anyone interested in being part of a wuthering heights video blog in the style of the lizzie bennet diaries


 I need

  • Isabella
  • Edgar
  • Heathcliffe (though he might be the most talked about and never seen character)
  • Hindley
  • Hareton
  • Cathy (daughter)

and the others!

It’s simple to get involved! Message me with which character you know and think you could portray, I really need you to have read the book or seen the movie at least 😀

This is going to be great! I’ve already set us up a Tumblr and a Youtube account and after we get all of the characters I’ll start discussing the collaboration plan!

YES! Moar dairies, pls.




It’s here! It’s here! Sex and the City 2! Dollhouse! Rollerball! Other surprises! Foreword by (the real) Frank Smith! Enjoy.

Friends, I have a humble request: If Liz Tells Frank has ever gotten you through a conversation about Zardoz

If a Skip It/Watch It Guide kept you from watching that episode of Buffy where a demon infects the Internet…

If Liz Tells Frank has ever made you laugh or ever made you think — then please, consider downloading this compilation of (copy-edited!) classic and new entries, now available on Kindle.

But more importantly: Please tell friends or family or Internet strangers that this thing exists, and they might like it? It’s just $2.99 right now (because I’m hoping to break even on the copy-editing), and it is very much a labor of love, written entirely for the enjoyment of all who don’t mind swears.

(Well, when it’s Sex and the City 2, it’s a labor of hate. But hopefully it’s funny hate. Hopefully.)

Anyways, spread the word if you have a sec — and thanks.

You should all buy this amazing book. It will change your life, change your sheets, give you change for the vending machine, and give you vend for the changing machine.


On the front page right now of RIDES.TV – it’s a sneak peek at my animated steampunk show AIRSHIP DRACULA.