Long before the last episode, “The Killing” had problems. After an enticing and atmospheric pilot, the series devolved thanks to poor pacing and plotting, becoming a soggy whodunit, each week as decreasingly appetizing as a cornflake left out in the Seattle rain. The show’s two most interesting characters, the lead, taciturn Detective Sarah Linden, and her partner, the former addict, present homeboy Stephen Holder, did regular damage to the show’s plot mechanics. The two were demonstrably, inexcusably bad at their jobs. Through poor policing they, not once, but twice, got innocent suspects seriously, permanently injured and no one in the universe of the show seemed to notice.

Bloody, bloody “Game of Thrones” – TV – Salon.com

Yes. The whole season was a mess.

If I have to read another lazy story about how people hated The Killing because they didn’t reveal the killer at the end, I’m going to threaten to get on a plane for Sonoma County.

The season finale was just the insult added to a season’s worth of injury.

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