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“Remember that time Barrett simply walked into Mordor?  That was awesome.”

I have no idea why I’m wearing a cowboy hat (or even care, really) because of how much this made me laugh. Also, I love that my “history” now includes fantasy scenarios.

Where the hell are you guys finding these photos?


If you saw me yesterday and I was cackling with glee, it was because I was making this.


Shane Nickerson: online>IRL

Shane Nickerson: online>IRL



This is from Sean in Cannes…

New media moves up in the world – mipcube now serving mousse/cherry/gold leaf thingies



“How about that time Barrett helped knock down the Berlin Wall?”

Ah yes. Many people mistakenly attribute the famous, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” line to United States President Ronald Reagen.

In actuality, President Reagen had paused to take a sip of water at the very moment that Barrett yelled the momentous line over the roar of the crowd.

That was June 12, 1987. Over two years later, on November 9th, 1989, Barrett single-handedly knocked over the first section of the wall with a headbutt.

I love the internet so much.


Long before the last episode, “The Killing” had problems. After an enticing and atmospheric pilot, the series devolved thanks to poor pacing and plotting, becoming a soggy whodunit, each week as decreasingly appetizing as a cornflake left out in the Seattle rain. The show’s two most interesting characters, the lead, taciturn Detective Sarah Linden, and her partner, the former addict, present homeboy Stephen Holder, did regular damage to the show’s plot mechanics. The two were demonstrably, inexcusably bad at their jobs. Through poor policing they, not once, but twice, got innocent suspects seriously, permanently injured and no one in the universe of the show seemed to notice.

Bloody, bloody “Game of Thrones” – TV –

Yes. The whole season was a mess.

If I have to read another lazy story about how people hated The Killing because they didn’t reveal the killer at the end, I’m going to threaten to get on a plane for Sonoma County.

The season finale was just the insult added to a season’s worth of injury.


There’s a longstanding joke about performance artists doing psychotherapy onstage, and it’s true of myriad bad cases. But the best performers—like Daisey—put the audience in the shrink’s chair in a different manner: they prime us to listen for emotional honesty above all. And that is the truth I responded to and admired in his show: Daisey’s own ecstasy and agony, his abiding romance with his gorgeous iStuff and his disgust with the injustice of its production, his—and our—urgent and frustrated desire to reconcile those feelings with action. Like many of his shows I’ve seen, Agony traces an experience of seduction and betrayal. This time, in more ways than one.



Barrett lands on the moon.


More please.

How about that time Barrett helped knock down the Berlin Wall?


How does this actually work without putting the pigeon in a box?
It violates no postal regulations. The pigeon is not hazardous, fragile, or perishable. It weighs under 13oz., so it is legal to place into a post box. Just because it isn’t a rectangle doesn’t mean it can’t be mailed.

16 Sparrows | Sarcasm folded in half

THis might actually inspire me to write, like, a letter or something.



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