VCs favor younger founders. Partly because they think outside the box, think anything is possible, and sometimes pull it off. And party because they have the stamina to work all the time and don’t usually have spouses and children to pull their attention away. They are, simply, a better bet. People who are willing to put everything they have into a startup are more likely to succeed than people who are not.

Michael Arrington, in the comment section of his post, STARTUPS ARE HARD. SO WORK MORE, CRY LESS, AND QUIT ALL THE WHINING

Mike loves to say shit that antagonizes so I should not even blink at this one, but for some reason I just have to call bullshit on this one.  If you look at many of the great companies, yes there are a bunch that were started by young crazy work 24 hours a day entrepreneurs, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook.  But there are also amazing successes started by older ones as well, Amazon (Bezos was 30), Qualcomm (Jacobs was 52), Cisco (Bosack was 32), Intel (Moore was 39), you get the point.

I truly don’t believe that the burn the candle at both ends entrepreneur has a better chance of succeeding then a work/life balanced family entrepreneur like myself.  If you want to judge your success in business on hours, go be a lawyer.

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best line: “If you want to judge your success in business on hours, go be a lawyer.”

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