Christianity; The most terrifying thing in America.

Sindy Clock is about to get an angry email.

This is why it took me nearly a decade to publicly come out as an Atheist – I wasn’t ashamed, or sad, or angry, or any of the other things they teach children are the “inevitable results of atheism.” I was scared. In some cases scared of people I knew.

You wonder why some atheists are “militant”? It’s because they’ve heard shit like this from strangers, friends, and family. Its because they get tired of arguing for their own humanity with those who believe they dont actually have a soul. It’s because they’re tired of trying to reason with the unreasonable. But even the most “militant” of atheists are relatively harmless. The militant atheist bothers you with their existence, or argues with you in public, or mocks you – the militant Christian fucking kills you.


Now, I know that A Song of Ice and Fire has gone rather mainstream and de rigueur these days (more on that in one second), so it’s not exactly a radical statement for me to openly read this shit on the bus, but just indulge me in one quick personal moment of liberation. Because do you know what time it is, shame-baby? ABORTION O’CLOCK. Flush. My name is Lindy West, and I will just read whatever I want on the bus.



Spock is not impressed


Norway’s Prime Minister is a liberal atheist, they have one of the best economies in the world, they have universal health care, and subsidized education, it has had the highest Human Development Index 7 years in a row, and it’s never started a pointless war, given tax breaks to the richest, and created Jersey Shore — yet it’s America that knows best.





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