We’ve had a lot of long blog posts, and a lot of smart comments, but I find I’m most comfortable talking about what transmedia is or should be in more casual, conversational situations.

We’ve seen a lot of quality back-and-forth on Twitter… but at the same time, the need to tag all of the people you’re talking to combined with that famous 140-character limit makes it hard to be conversational and substantive. And it’s not likely we’re going to get all of the people who want a say in this to all sit down in a bar to hash it out, as much fun as that would be.

So I’m proposing we have an online chat on it (probably on IRC). Let’s all get together and air our points of view, and discuss gritty topics like authorial intent and how to measure a single story.

Defining Transmedia Forum (Deus Ex Machinatio)

Ultimate Transmedia Smackdown!!!1!!!!1!

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