As for all the new, self-proclaimed “transmedia experts” out there who are doing jack shit to advance storytelling practices in their respective fields, IGNORE THEM. They will weed themselves out, trust me. Just like all the other media mavens who came and went over the years. They’re not the doers, and they sure as hell won’t be the shakers.



Friends, if you have ever wanted to know what it’s like when my friend Rudy and I talk about Doctor Who for an hour, now is your moment. We’ve just posted the first episode of Timey Wimey TV, a weekly podcast discussing the glory of time travel-themed television — which is, for the first few weeks, going to be focused on Season 6 and our reactions to the new episodes coming out of BBC Wales.

Includes theories, speculation and a terrible River Song impression. Be warned.


That there’s a lot of continents we haven’t seen yet.



My mom on “The Things I Do For Love”:

Man, that one kid sure could climb.


The things I do for lulz.