Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr

We’re looking at 10-year lifecycles for media.  Portals big for 10 years, then gone. Blogs big for 10 years, already fading away.  Social networks?  Not sure they will last past 10 years, either.  They steal pieces of each other and evolve into amazing hybrids, like Tumblr.  It’s fantastically scary and incredibly exciting, because it brings people together less and less by demographics, and more and more by interest groups.

Steve, that photo makes me wonder how much of that 10 year cycle has to do with the devices we use. The predominant way that early adopters access the internet (and thus popularize sites and services) has shifted from shared desktops to single-user desktops to mobile phones.

Paging Mr. Reality…Mr. Augmented Reality. You’re on in 5…

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