Sure, Watson keeps a blog instead of a journal and Holmes is a whiz with a cell phone, but those are just concessions to the time. (If Holmes was a Luddite who didn’t know how to text, that would call more attention to the character being out of his native time, frankly.) Ditto changing Holmes’ “the game is afoot” catchphrase to “the game is on,” as he would only say “afoot” if he was referencing a 100-year-old version of himself who wasn’t supposed to exist.

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These are the kinds of questions that I love trying to answer.

Thoughts raised by LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends”



Shy people know: you stay away not because you don’t want to interact, but because interaction matters so much that when it goes wrong (as it inevitably will), when attention falls flat, when misunderstandings crop up, it becomes the worst thing in the world, and you can’t bear having to explain yourself or reassert your interestingness.

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 Great piece of self-reflection here, with this snippet of pure insight.



Yoda’s extended family pays him an unexpected visit. Luke is at first taken aback when he finds out Yoda has pig ancestors, but soon comes around when he involuntarily learns a move or two from said pig.



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That’s why Betty makes me cry so much this season, why her scenes make me sick to my stomach and why I feel for her more than ever: We talk a lot, in feminist communities, about abuse. And we talk a lot about how oppression can warp your understanding of self, about how some people raised in an oppressive system will internalize that system. We talk about how people who are victims of abuse often perpetrate it. I just don’t think we were prepared to see that play itself out on Mad Men. We wanted Betty to read The Feminine Mystique and get her mind blown and rise above; or, we wanted her to stay a victim, so we could relate to her better, or at least keep feeling sorry for her. But sometimes, people just get damaged until they start damaging. Sometimes, people are lost. We hate Betty now because she’s not going to stay a victim, but the truth is, she’s also not going to be saved.