Confessions of a Washington Lobbyist (via HuffPo)

Here’s what I was thinking about last night. Three simple, logical rules to fixing this political shithole we’re in. I’m sure there are some down-sides, but I can’t think of any at the moment.

  1. Outlaw lobbying, in all forms.
  2. Outlaw for-profit corporate contributions to politicians.
  3. Outlaw donations to candidates not in your district. Local candidates get local contributions from private citizens. National candidates get nation-wide contributions. (i.e. No sending money from LA to NY unless you’re a direct constituent of the candidate in question.)

Or, no, more accurately, the day is a mountain that, for the good of everyone, needs to be climbed. The forces of good are making their ascent on a sheer cliff face with darned few handholds. As if the terrain wasn’t barrier enough, they’re getting in their own and each other’s way, competing for holds, objecting to each other’s technique, and refusing to rope together for mutual aid and safety. Meanwhile, the forces of bad have a brand-new toll road that goes all the way to the top, and an exclusive FastPass so they don’t even need correct change.

coffeeem: Some days.

Looks like you picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.





The 11-year olds I teach are currently reading a book in which a character is prominently named “Captain Reynolds.” I hope this leads to some eventual mind-blowing.

Nathan Fillion holding a gun = cure for LA’s unacceptable heat, ¾ of a cure for paranoid students who insist on coming to ALL of your office hours and simply saying over and over again how nervous they are about their grade.

You should really be watching Castle if you’re not already. My weekly dose of Nathan Fillion does wonders.

He really is ruggedly handsome.