A web original series of short stories that is presented as episodes of a TV show. There is an FBI unit that investigates serial killers all over the US. And down the hall in a tiny conference is the unit that deals with the ones they can’t explain. This is the Shadow Unit. A team of experts in their respective fields joined together to track down and neutralise people who have become hosts for “the anomaly”. These people are called gammas. An unknown force takes the hosts deepest neurosis and forces them to act on it. In short, it turns them into psychopaths blocking of normal human feeling. But not only are the gammas run-of-the-mill crazy, the anomaly gives them a “manifestation”. This is an inhuman power that allows them to carry out their brutal murders. They range from being killed by the idea of a bullet to choking people on by forcing their own tongue down their throat to being utterly unnoticeable to the point of being invisible, leaving no footprints and unstainable by blood.

An added twist is that there exist individuals that have been touched by the anomaly. They retain control, but are given inhuman powers too. These are termed betas. Their powers are rarely as well defined or useful, appearing just off the bell-curve. It is implied that the enormous strain on betas’ brains as a result of this can be fatal and to survive they need to consume vast amounts of carbohydrate just to stay alive.

The goal of the Shadow Unit is first to prevent the harm done by gammas. Second: the capture one alive to understand the anomaly.

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