… Apple …

Huge letdown.

Thank You

It literally pains me to agree with this. Edit: I could care less about the Widescreen, keyboard, video out (although that would be nice), removable battery , and yes for now, removable storage. That said, the absence of flash, open platform, a camera (we all know why it’s not there), and multi-tasking make this a big “no thanks” for me for now.

I’ve already made my views known, but I’d like to point out something very quickly on the above. We don’t know whether or not it will have flash, all we know is that a plugin wasn’t installed.

There are a number of reasons why this could be the case:

  • It won’t run flash.
  • Adobe has not made a plugin because they don’t plan to support it.
  • Adobe has not made a plugin because the device isn’t finalized yet and they haven’t had their hands on a unit.
  • It was a fresh install of the OS and no one bothered to get the plugin on before Steve took the stage.

All we’re doing with the above is repeating assumptions based on a single loaded webpage during a presentation. If it doesn’t support flash, I’ll join in the disappointment, but until we know one way or another, please don’t repeat guesswork and assumptions as fact.

At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that Apple is quite content to run out the clock on Flash while waiting for HTML5 to become widely adopted. They’ve already waited through 3 years of flash-less iPhones.


just like any kid who decides to fuck what his friends are doing and swim against the stream is signing himself up for a school career of getting shit in the hallways, any celebrity who decides to present themselves outside the standard box will be confronted for “acting out” to serve their own, greedy personal needs.

a lot of celebrities go through phases where they duck under cover for a while, pop out and declare their independence and then duck again so they don’t drown in a cesspool of negative comments from the peanut gallery.

most celebrities don’t dare cross the line.
why bother and possibly fuck up your career?

luckily for me, i CAN’T fuck up my career….not this way, not really.
i don’t need hollywood to love or accept me in order to get work. my work is elsewhere.
i’m in another world and i can risk it.

so if i can explain this (please lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood) in a nutshell:

i do this sort of shit BECAUSE I CAN.



“High-five a whale” just went on my bucket list.

After many years of PTSD counseling and finding the right balance of medications, Captain Ahab was ready to take a different approach…



I don’t recall where I got this, but I just found it on my computer again while moving files around. If you recognize it, please do tell.


via Conan/Mad Men mashup