Yesterday’s tweets for today’s fishwrap:

08:23 RT @Spytap: "Working Hard is Overrated" (via SAI) – # 13:23 Freedom From Advertising should be a Universal Human Right # 14:50 No, I’m not going to spend $100 to frame the print I got for $17.95. Picture framing is such a racket. # 18:26 RT @hodgman: Jackson Publick and @jamesurbaniak are speaking on the air right now. THE AIR OF THE INTERNET # 19:09 Going to see Parade at the Taper tonight. Can’t bear to tell @bronwensaurus it’s not a stage version of "L
azy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer" # 21:36 RT @bronwensaurus Intermission. Parade may be my favorite musical ever due to complete lack of twee. TR Knight brings it. # 23:22 srsly, people go see Parade. So freaking good, and unlike any other musical you’ve seen. shipped by LoudTwitter

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